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TECHNOLOGY Workout More Effectively

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Just Put Your Heart Into It...

At REVVED Ftiness, we'll teach you how to utilize fat as fuel. Improve your workout efficiency and increase your metabolism. Our heart-rate monitoring is at the very foundation of keeping you in the right zone through real-time monitoring of your workouts.

You are committing to a healtier you. We'll be here for every step of the way.

We’ll Do the Rest

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When REVVED Says Results You Can See...

Put away the tape measure, REVVED Fitness provides complete 3D full body scanning. Our REVVED system is 76% more precise than hand-measuring. You’ll monitor exact changes in your body shape and see dimensional changes as your body responds to our REVVED fitness and nutritional guidelines.

With this REVVED technology in place, our trainers will monitor and set goals for your specific body type.

We Mean It

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A Healthier You...

REVVED’s total fitness program starts by combining science and technology at the molecular level. A REVVED DNA test will modify your approach to fitness and nutrition - FOREVER!

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight(and keep it off!) or just eat and live a healthier lifestyle, your heredity holds valuable information. With this data we can design the best program for you to achieve your personal fitness goals.

It’s in Our DNA